A Lesson in Critical Thinking: The Russian Spy Poisoning Tale


This whole ‘Russian Spy Poising’ story when considered critically doesn’t make any sense, and borders on comedy due to the unrealistic claims and the unsubstantiated hysteria that it has caused . But unfortunately the potentially earth shattering nuclear consequences don’t make this a laughing matter.

The information below has me to believe that this event was a complete setup. I’m not going to guess at who’s actually responsible but I most certainly don’t think it was the Russian government. Though there are many reasons to question this story, here are a few of my main ones:

  • If they wanted this guy dead, why not kill him when they had him in custody for 4 years, he could have an “accident”, get food “Poisoning”, get in a fight, etc. no one would have know and he would be dead.
  • If for some reason (of which there seem to be zero) you decide to do it now, why not kill him in a more ‘traditional’ way? hire a hit-man, it’s not rocket science, it’s immediate and wouldn’t implicated you in any way. Why create a spectral out of something so trivial. Muggings go “wrong” all the time…..

I could go  one but u/oaklandbrokeland, does a much better job.

Everything they won’t tell you about the poisoning of Sergei Skripal. Organized, simplified, cited. from conspiracy

But don’t take my word for it.

Former Mayor of London Ken Livingstone

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Yes, these are mainstream, but still nice seeing that the majority if being told.

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