Many people start prepping by buying various items that they read or hear about on the internet, they typically do this without any plan and end up with a bunch in of ‘prepp stuff’ and not useful resources, that can actually help them survive.
This ‘stuff’ is also typically not organized or stored properly and therefore when it’s needed it’s nowhere to be found and you are left scrambling, instead of executing your survival plan.
I believe, planning and organization are the keys to successful ‘prepping’, that is why I created the “PREPP LIST” (PL).
The PL is organized in a matrix format with various ‘Situational Prepp Kits’ along the top and the actual prepp ‘items’ listed down the side.
The ‘items’ are organized by prepp ‘Areas’ (Water, Food, Personal Care, Protection, Lighting, Tools, Community) and the prepp item ‘Function’ (For example in the ‘Water’ area the items are divided into three functions  or purposes (Cleaning, Transferring and Storing).
Using this two level hierarchy for organization allows you to really understand what the purpose/function of each item is and it gives you insight on what ‘Areas’ you might be over or under prepared.
The use of ‘PREPP KITS’ (PK) allows you to plan what you will need based on the “situation” you are in, for example are you on foot far from home, or are you able to bugout with your camper /RV or better yet can you just bug-in.
Everyone’s “situations” are different, for me, living in Florida with a wife and toddler, my PKs are the following:

  • EDC BACKPACK: I always carry this bag if I am traveling anywhere, I consider this my “Every Day Carry” EDC (in addition to the items I carry on my person). ~1 day Survival
  • EMERGECY PACK: This is a small “Fanny Pack” that has primary survival gear, I consider this my “Get Home Bag”, it typically lives in the car. ~3 Days Survival
  • BUGOUT BACKPACK: This is a large Hiking backpack, that I would use in a  situation where we need to “Bugout” on foot, ~5-7 Days Survival.
  • CAR CAMPING KIT: This is a list of all the items that we would pack in our car to go on a typical camping trip, this is a great use of the “Prepp List” because it doesn’t involve some sort of disaster. ~5-7 Days Camping
  • CAR BUGOUT KIT: This is a list of items that we would pack into the car if we needed to “Bugout” using our car, ~1-2 weeks survival.
  • CAR CAMPER BUGOUT KIT: This is a list of items we would load into our cargo trailer/camper in favorable “Bugout” situation, ~1 Month survival
  • “BUG-IN” HOME KIT: This is a list of all the items that  we would need if we decide to stay and “Bug-in”,  ~6 months survival.

As you can see that ‘kits’ are organized in such as way where they “build on each other”, for example the ‘CAR BUGOUT KIT’ assumes that you also have the EDC BACKPACK, EMERGENCY PACK, BUGOUT BAG AND CAR CAMPING KIT, this way you do not have to have duplicate items in the various kits. Another way to think about them is like going from the “worst case scenario” all you have is your EDC, to “Best Case” that you are comfortably bugging in with all your preps.
There is also a Tab called “SINGLE PUROPOSE KITS” (SPK) these are (as the name suggests) kits that have one purpose or function, for example a “BLEED CONTROL KIT” only items that are for bleed control. Separating out these kits allows you to simplify the ‘PREPP LIST’, and helps you create actual ready ‘kits’ that you can just grab and go. As you begin to list out the various items on the PL you will notice items that ‘belong together’, and should be combined into a SPK.
Another thing I thought would be beneficial in the PL was a ‘NEED TO BUY’ column, this way you can not only list out the items you already own but also those you plan to purchase in the future.
Below is a link to my PL, feel free to download a copy and modify in anyway you see fit, if you think there are some items I’m missing please let me know, I’m always looking for ways to improve it.