Cryptocurrency Trading Guide

  1. Open a trading account:
  2. Research, Research, Research
    • Research various strategies, MACD is one I use most often
    • Check out COINIGY’s Bitcoin Technical Analysis Video Tutorials

    • Use chart tools at on TradingView to manage indicators and develop strategies :
    • Here is another post regarding Bitcoin Trading that i found very useful:
  3. Make a Plan
    • When to Buy, only you can decide
    • When & How to Sell, Ideally have multiple exchanges, when volume picks up some exchanges can go offline, and that another reason to store your coins in a hardware wallet, and not on an Exchange
  4. Act
    • Don’t Get Stuck in Analysis,Paralysis

I store my Coins and Tokens on the Leger Nano S, and recommend you do the same. The link below is my affiliate link, if you end up using it, thanks!

ledger nano s

*Information Purposes Only, Not Financial Advice in any way.